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One-on-one, individualized sessions using
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)



ABA has shown to create profound changes in the lives of children affected by autism spectrum disorder. The Gifted Center facilitates transformations that help children interact  successfully in our world: Socially, Emotionally + Practically.  



Our goal is to reduce challenging behaviors, with a focus on developing independence and social competence. The curriculum + interventions teach speaking, toileting, simple + advanced socialization, academic skills, exc. We seek to increase competence in daily life.



Progress + successes are acquired and recorded, using a computerized data collection system. Progress is documented, + presented visually + graphically, for maximum parent or guardian access and understanding. Progress reports are given monthly.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sessions are one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician, with supervision done weekly by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used throughout the entirety of the session.


ABA is a type of scientific teaching that helps children learn essential skills. Skills taught include everything from making friends, to potty training, speaking, fine motor skills, exc. 


ABA is fun and dynamic, using the natural enviornment, outdoors, art + experiences to teach.  Within ABA is a type of teaching called: "Naturalistic Teaching" which means the child leads the session. The Registered Behavior Technician and Board Certified Behavior Analyst take advantage during this time of all learning opportunities. 

The Gifted Center

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