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Maya Mitchell, M.A., BCBA

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I am Maya Mitchell, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that specializes in autism and autism treatment using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  My first big success came 13 years ago. A little girl, who we will call Seline, could not speak, was not potty trained, and her behavioral repertoire consisted primarily of crying and screaming on the floor. A year and a half later, after spending 5 days a week at her home, for 6 hours a day, a significant change began to take place. The day I left the case, Seline crawled up into my lap (she previously did not like to be touched) and said: "Miss Maya, that is a very pretty scarf!". Her advanced use of language, observations of others, ability to give a compliment, and even the fact that she used my name (and did so politely) was a beautiful and deeply satisfying moment. At this point, she was also entirely potty trained and matriculated into kindergarten only 3 months after services were terminated. I have continued to use ABA to produce profound changes in the lives of children affected by autism, and enjoy it immensely. I use engagement, silliness, games, toys, and connection, teaching developmental concepts that are relevant to the child. I’d love to meet your kiddo and see if I am a good fit.

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